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TPU - What is this material?

When looking for a new case for your phone, you can often come across the mysterious-sounding name TPU. TPU material is a basic material used in the manufacture of cases for smartphones. Due to the properties of this material is used by many manufacturers who produce high-quality GSM accessories. Considering the ever-growing popularity of this material, the quality of TPU is strictly controlled, as it is supposed to protect the device from sharp elements and tools, as well as in case of a possible fall. See more: https://inlookup.com

TPU is a plastic that is often used as a material for phone and smartphone cases. It is used by most companies that specialize in the production of high-quality cases. TPU is used to give your device as much protection as possible during a possible fall.

What is TPU?

TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane, the main feature of which is high elasticity resembling rubber. TPU is also a very flexible material, so the case can be easily put on or taken off the device. In this respect it performs better than cases made of eco leather or plastic. TPU material remains flexible regardless of temperature or other weather conditions. TPU sleeve is not damaged by high or very low temperatures.

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TPU and its properties

One of the characteristics of thermoplastic polyurethane is resistance to abrasion. Even after a long and intensive use of a case made of TPU material, there are no signs of damage, abrasion or scratches on it. TPU is also a material that absorbs impacts, absorbs them in such a way as to protect the case and screen of the phone as effectively as possible. Thermoplastic polyurethane is also known for its resistance to oils, solvents and greases. It does not absorb them, so in case of flooding, the case just needs to be wiped. A TPU case is easy to keep clean and intact.

Why TPU case is a good choice

The characteristics of TPU material affect the maintenance and use of the cases in which it is used. High quality cases made of TPU material can serve for a long time. Due to its strength, it effectively protects your phone from dirt, scratches and other damage during unexpected drops. Of course, the protection is higher when the case is purchased from a proven manufacturer. An example of a high-quality case is the Spigen case, which can be found in various models and color variants. The characteristic flexibility of the TPU case makes it very easy to put such a case on the phone and remove it from the phone. There are different types of cases made of TPU plastic available on the market, for example, in the form of an armored case or a thin overlay.

Another property that distinguishes TPU cases is TPU resistance to various types of liquids, such as oils. If the phone is inadvertently put on something greasy it is easy to clean such case. This type of substances are not absorbed by the case and will not damage the device.

The last thing that makes the case of TPU deserves a mention is its shock absorption or falls. In a situation where your phone falls out of your hands, you won't have to worry about it getting seriously damaged. TPU minimizes this risk, making the phone very well protected.

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